Astrology: A Tryptych of Eclipses

My Dear,
you ask what is the meaning of this solar eclipse – and more importantly – you tell this happens on your birthday. While the eclipse is not visible in the USA (nor India) (nor Australia) the energy is present and will have some impact on all our lives. In your instance, due this occurring on your birthday, there is an occlusion of light within (it will brief) and the revelation and giving of new light in your life. As Jesus said, “Do not hide your light under a bushel; let your light shine on the hill so it will shine before men”. And this is what this eclipse will be giving to you. Planets do the tasks allocated to them by the kalapurusha, the Lord of Time and Space. 

A triptych (from the Greek “triptukhon” “three-fold”) is a work of art (usually a panel painting) that is divided into three sections, or three carved panels that are hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open. We will take the metaphor of triptych as we are in a series of eclipses. While one eclipse was not visible, the energy of the eclipse was indeed present, and so we are in a time of triplicity.

Our querent asked about the Solar Eclipse of 1 September in the US. As Rahu and Ketu have changed signs, this (and other) eclipses during 2016 proffer change. This will be sudden and unexpected. Our advice is:~

Treat everyone who comes as the Divine in another form. 
Serve them as you can. 


(in other words, you are a person of spiritual wisdom, and you need to continue your practice – it is perfection as the Divine, The Source, can take this and use it. )

You need to know a little of what humanity can expect from this eclipse. 

The September 1 Eclipse


NASA Satellite records the 1 September Eclipse (the moon appears twice)

First, it happens during Mercury retrograde. (Retrograde means “do good”, so the planetary energy is better, stronger and it does good for souls) 

The operative pattern for re-trograde cycles can be found among a variety of words prefixed by “re,” as in this being a time to re-consider, re-check, re-organize, re-energize, re-affirm, re-formulate, re-generate, re-define, re-negotiate, re-novate, re-discover, re-consider, re-group, etc. (Thank you, Juliana Swanson.)

These are the sorts of opportunities retrograde planets put before souls at large. 

Another important event happens at the same time. Normally, Vedic Astrology does not take any notice of the outer planets, except when they change signs. Uranus – which takes 84 years to go around the zodiac – changed signs on 31 August when it went backwards (retrograde) from Aries to Pisces where it will remain until 29 December. Furthermore, Uranus is in an important – albeit rare – position called gandanta which presents a telling issue for humanity at large. 

Spiritual elevation into the new consciousness (sometimes called Ascension) is something that is beyond reason, beyond intellect, beyond the everyday mind. In these days, this is called the Golden Age. It will not happen suddenly, but it is happening slowly. Those that want to move into that same energy (of spiritual elevation/Ascension) – they could move very quickly if they did work on themselves – it could happen in the blink of an eye. That will be up to them if they make the choice to move forward, to let go of all their belief systems, all of what they are holding onto – that is actually weighing them down – so that they can be free and be lifted into the new consciousness.

This is what Uranus is offering in this place called gandanta. It is almost like a tiny little window of opportunity is opened until 29 December – even yet, this is a time of extreme challenges and darknesses for the Earth and all its dwellers.

Attending to Dame Juliana

The eclipse itself: this is one of a triad of eclipses. There was a (hidden) eclipse on 18 August, there is an eclipse on 1 September, and there is the final eclipse of this series on 16 September. So we may call this a triptych of “shewings” in the manner of Dame Juliana of Norwich, who told, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

The First triptych or shewing was the eclipse of 18 August related to Earth Honouring.

Eclipses herald change, and the house the eclipse takes place – in your birth chart – is where you can expect to experience a change in your life. As this eclipse is somewhat hidden, the effects are going to occur in a hidden part of your life. If you have buried something in the basement of the unconscious, then Ketu, conjunct this eclipse moon, is going to do this task of tipping this karma out into a very uncomfortable place which will have you feeling stuck. The shadow of the earth will just miss the Moon. So it may “feel” to us like a lunar eclipse day because of the conjunctions, it will not be visible because of the degrees involved. To see an animation visual of this, visit this link:

Eclipses are full of energy. It is taught in Vedic Astrology that the time of the eclipse energy is magnified to the power of 100,000: prayer, meditation, good thoughts and well wishing for the Earth will take all this multiplied energy and use it for benefit – in areas where desertification is being reduced, denudation of forests is being reversed (REDD climate), acidification of waters is being managed, and what is truly needed is energy to go industries where holes are being dug in the ground. Every time a hole is dug in the ground for mining of fossil fuels, there is a counter-effect elsewhere in the universe. Every time fossil fuels are exhausted and spent, there is a counter effect in this universe. Keep in mind that universe in Sanskrit is jagat, which means coming-going; and all this coming-going is brought about by action, karma. We may take the energy that is given in a time of eclipse – even an “almost eclipse” – (because the planets are at the eclipse points) and use it for the benefit of the Earth our Mother. A question is put: Where would we be without the Earth our Mother

The Second tryptych
or “shewing” – the Crop Circle of 25 July




This is one of the shewings and it is related to this triad – or triptych – of eclipses. There are significant issues with this 1st September Eclipse occurring in Leo. Rahu (a shadow planet) is conjunct the Sun. This means the exposure of fraud and corruption as Rahu is the driver of fraud in the psyche. For example, the impeachment of the President of Brazil shortly after the Rio Olympics. There is another issue, pomposity, ego expansion, balloons being inflated to bursting point. This is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin points to some expansion, initiative, insights, and new beginnings. This can bring the feeling of breakthrough (or breakdown if not handled properly). The impact may initially be difficult and indicate loss, as old paradigms break down to allow for rebirth in the weeks and months preceding and following the actual eclipse. 

We are being asked to let go on an individual and on a planetary level.

On the planetary level, we are being asked to release assumptions that we are the only intelligent life-form in the Universe. We are being challenged to let go of what we think is human life and allow the emergence of other forms of life that possess the three elements or qualities of human life: being, awareness and bliss. The rishis of yore had discussed this and I had made reference to this in an earlier email. 

On the individual level we are being challenged with integrity. That is, unity of what we think, say and do. Rahu, the shadow planet hates dharma (right conduct) and will never practice right conduct. He is the great pretender and he is the great fraud. He is ambition personified and will climb over others to get to the top because he has no intention of coming back down. When Shakespeare wrote of “vaulting ambition which o’erleaps itself”, he was writing about Rahu. In this eclipse, he – meaning everyone – is being constrained and challenged by Saturn, who is aspecting this eclipse directly. Saturn puts the harness on this conjunction of Sun and Rahu and tells them to slow down, take it easy, take time and apply detachment and discrimination to all that you encounter. 

This applies to UFO (motherships, spaceships, cloudships and starships, the materia of so many years of Star Trek and Star Wars) … nothing new here. This also applies to our crop circle (read here for an explanation from Cosmic Sai Baba on crop circles) and so-called “aliens” … you can hardly expect those from other galaxies, other universes to call themselves aliens. In our iterations with spiritual beings, the Angelic Realms and the Hierarchy, this is a term they do not use. Starpeople is the preferred term.

The Third triptych or “shewing” – the Lunar eclipse of 17 September.

The third eclipse on 17 September occurs in the daytime in the US and so not visible.

This eclipse is at a full Moon: this is a partial lunar eclipse. The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. The unique feature of the human life is that it possesses not only mind, but also the emotions and the sub-conscious, all of which are associated with the Moon.

At this eclipse, we note that Mars has moved to a gandanta position on the borders of Scorpio and Sagittarius. (The are three gandanta places in the zodiac, the transition from fire to water signs.) With Uranus still in gandanta, Mars, driver of force, motion, energy, action, is being positioned to give humanity a deep, interior push into change. On the day of eclipse – full moon day when the full moon energies are present, we may see this manifest as sudden understanding, insight or gestalt. The flip side of the coin is the mind going too fast, thrashing, manifesting negativity, hyperactivity which makes others uncomfortable.

The day of the eclipse may be better spent in contemplation than thrashing about with energy, action, activity and negativity. Keep the thought that the mind is the instrument, not the master of the human. So instead of spending a day making big life changes, master the mind, keep the focus with patience for several days following the eclipse, until Mars has moved to Sagittarius and the Moon is still in Pisces may be profitably employed for decisions and actions.

This will be a time of changes: a kaleidoscope of issues represented by the larger canvass of three eclipses, not just one eclipse, although this 1 September eclipse promises significant change coming to human life (on an individual and planetary level). Due your birthday on the day of the 1 September eclipse, the changes will be felt more in your life but they will be good, and you will have the grace and protection of the Divine. Stick to your boundaries as mentioned earlier.

with light and love