Narayana Oracle Friday 18th March 2022

GOD lets us know he is present. We feel very strongly that we have been brought together today for a special reason. “Yes”, we are told. GOD wants to speak through Valerie.

I am here, sorry if I have startled you. The energies are beautiful and melded. You girls are so willing, and we are so pleased to be able to connect to you.

I am GOD, I could have a name, I could be without a name. I am from the source of all Creation. I would like people to remember that when they read messages that are coming through the mystery school, we are here to help and to answer questions. So, without ado, I would like to ask, is there a question today? Sometimes we prompt questions with a dream or a thought. An unexpected thought, out of the blue, if you like. That is how we work, not exactly manipulate but an opportunity for a thought to be picked up by someone and if they feel it floating around, they pick it up and it becomes their thought. We are not breaking any Universal law at all. We are not here to tell you what to do. We make suggestions and I will stop talking now. Just go into your thoughts within your heart and connect. Move up into that world of Light and of Love and they are always ready to help. We are here, the Light beings, the Star people, that you really are. We are working in a way, similar to what you are. We are mirroring what is taking place this day.

Jacqui mentions that there are two things she would like to speak about. Firstly, at the moment, the veil between worlds seems very thin, it seems very easy to communicate, to feel and see other dimensions easily. The second things is that the people in Andromeda have told us they won’t let nuclear war and destruction of this planet happen, but having said that, there are other prophesies about destruction. I am wondering what God and Andromeda have to say about that? These thoughts are prompted by the Russian/Ukraine war.

GOD comes straight in.

Well, the first thing is, my dear, that you are constantly receiving up-raising of the energies and frequencies and vibration of the world you live in. It is becoming more compatible with where you are connecting to, and the “radio station” through to Andromeda and the Adonis race.

You will find that not just you girls, but around the world in general, many of you that are messengers or who have feelings about these things are receiving more knowledge and feeling a closer connection to even the next world.

Jacqui asks: Do you think other races, interplanetary or even other universes, will make themselves known on a more physical level?

They are all interested with a figure if you like just for recognition, and a name if you like, just for recognition, and others from other universes. Thy are all very interested in what is taking place on your planet Earth, or as it was originally called “Mu”. Everything is moving, everything is evolving, change is taking place all the time. Just the same as you have news on your television and each day it is different, something else has happened. You have to have the feeling that what you have read, watched or seen is not manipulated or manufactured or designed to raise fear.

You ask about nuclear power being misused upon this Earth. There is a time that has been prophesied for a long time that your planet Earth would separate, meaning there would be those that could not handle the raised consciousness that is happening still, and raising but the physical body of some of the people cannot handle, they cannot assimilate the new energy. There is no judgement here, because up until now, all have been given the opportunity to raise their consciousness and to understand who they really are. Some have chosen not to go down that path or to listen and find out more, again, that is not a judgement. It is a choice. You have all been given free will. Which is a big reason why we benevolent beings, star people, cannot help you unless you ask us for help. So there is a time that is coming for separation, wheat from the chaff, if you like, another way of putting it is that those that can handle the newer raised consciousness. There is no need to fear, they will be taken elsewhere or will stay with the new energy. Some will not remember the change taking place in time. So I would ask for you not to worry. I can understand that the way the earth is going at the moment, it is utterly chaotic, but it is part of the change and the separation (end of the Kali Yuga). It is an edict by the Source of all Creation that this all take place, for no longer can everyone be assisted because they choose not to be assisted, does that make sense? There are others that are very willing and want to understand who they really are and where they come from. And what they can create. This is the separation. Have faith and trust and know that you are all God beings and that you come from the Source. Every human soul comes from the Source. Remember that and all that is not of that will be re-placed, re-vised or re-edited even if I can say that. Prayer is sometimes thought of as religion and it used by religious orders, but it is actually a science and it is to do with focus, what you have in your mind, what you really want to create, and not allow your brain to jump in with something may lead into another direction. So you need some self-focus in what you allow yourself to bind to. Keep your focus totally on what you want to create. It will happen I assure you, as long as you go the Source of All Creation, and that is your God-self. All the other benevolent souls and God people are ready to help you. Hoping you will reach out to them.

The Earth is in its process of re-birthing, I want you to understand that and think about that. There is always pain in the birthing, it is joy and love once the birth takes place. I hope you can accept this and be re-assured. God bless and thank you my dears.



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