Narayana Oracle Meeting Tuesday 9th March 2021

3 Oms
We call on Lord Satya Sai Baba to be present, to guide us.
We call on our friends in Andromeda, our Guides, and the Brotherhood of Light.
We ask to be of service, please expand our awareness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We had been asked by “upstairs” to start at 11. They made sure we were right on time! My ipad wouldn’t record when I tried to start it earlier than the time nominateded. At 11 everything started working.
Strange, because there is “no time”! Maybe trying to teach us patience and reliability.

GOD lets us know he is present (as always, above, below, behind and in front).

Todays strong message is that “Adam” from Andromeda is here to help us with the connection to Andromeda. “Again,” – “I am” (here to help with the connection).

We meditate – the energy is very calm.

Jac: I hear Allow yourself to be empty.
Feel like we have known this strong presence “Adam” is already known to us.
The connection is very strong. He confirms that we do already “know” each other. We ask if Anna, Val and Daina from Andromeda are also present – Yes.

I also ask if this is being broadcast on other levels (as Daina, Val and Anna have previously told us happens), he tells us he can arrange it. (Todays session is more of a training session, we are guessing).
He tells me he will be able to speak through me very soon. My throat chakra is very expanded and I am very croaky.
At first I felt like I was travelling through a vortex, a black hole, it was very peaceful. I came to a place that was filled with the scent of flowers and then it opened up into a crowd of people that we know or have known. Very Loving. A strong connection. The overriding feeling I get it to let things be, there is a bigger plan. No need to hang onto anything – Let things flow. Don’t let the mind cause blockages.

Now I get a blindingly snow white light into my third eye and it’s changing colour, pink and gold. An expansion of light and of Love, the room is filled with that light and it expanded around the whole planet, and for whatever reason, and I don’t understand at the moment, is that we are helping to expand that light around the world. Shine the light on the darkness.

In my mind I am telling them I am a bit lost, we don’t always see the direction forward, we don’t always have the clarity, please give us more information on how we can be of service. “It’s about Love.” They say it will come. This energy is so very uplifting, very beautiful, very peaceful, everything else has fallen away.

I ask Adam can he show himself, and I get an image of someone very tall, someone that appears to be very old and very wise. Very kind. It felt like I was in such a high dimension it was hard to come back.

The iPad stopped recording! Plenty of battery. Weird. Lucky the phone was still recording – otherwise I’d have no idea – we don’t remember because we’re in an altered state. It’s always a surprise what we have received in the channelling when I transcribe it for the website.

I ask do they want us to continue putting the Oracle on the internet. (because I wonder why sometimes). God comes in – YES – continue. Because!

I ask for a clear message that can’t be misinterpreted.

Anna from Andromeda comes in and her message is

“SPREAD THE LIGHT” How ? Using your Mind. – By meditation.

the same message we received from Sai Baba previously on the 23rd January 2021.