Cosmic Sai Baba: Time is Speeding Up

Several years ago, Cosmic Sai Baba told that time is speeding up – it is going faster on account of ascension of the Earth – indeed, our entire solar system – into the fourth and fifth dimensions. Cosmic Sai Baba has told that time is not linear as we pass it by, nor is time cyclic as many imagine. All time is the present moment, and our experience is hastened due energy being raised, spinning faster. Cosmic Sai Baba gives an important guide to discernment of thoughts that come into the mind.


Time is speeding up … … it is confusing people … … and as I said in my last message it is important that you stay focused … have a plan for each day. As you awaken and think what you have to do and stay with that plan. You may have to adjust it sometimes, but ask Holy Spirit that is around you to assist you in re-adjusting and giving you extra time … or extra space … to achieve what you want to do. If you keep your mind steady as if you were in meditation all day and every day and not allow your mind to wander onto something which is not what you are actually doing … you will find that you are able to achieve all that you want to achieve … in the day that you have planned.

It will also be easier for you to receive promptings and information from the Higher Self or from other Worldly Beings that are around you. Some are here to put thoughts into your head – it is up to you to decide whether you accept it or not. If it feels right, then I ask you to look closely with what has been suggested … … There again, if it does not feel right then do not allow yourself to be overtaken with the suggestion.

There are many upon this Earth who do not realise that suggestions come into their consciousness, which is not really their own thoughts, but rather … from another. And I have to say also, that sometimes these thoughts are sent in a mischievous way … so it is important that you feel and consider what is being said in your mind … and decide whether it is right for you to continue.

There is nothing to be afraid of—in fact—it is a little test … and by that I mean it will assist you to make choices that are right for you. And to know that it is a directive in a way that will assist you in your life here upon this Earth. I am talking in a very overview way … because there are many, many words that could come to you.

First and foremost there is a need to feel … to feel that feeling in your heart, or somewhere in some way that you know … that the thought is a good one … one that will help you and assist you on your journey, or whatever it is that you are doing at that moment. I would encourage you to listen … I would encourage you to follow that if it feels correct.

This is important at this time … for there are many words going out in thought forms around this Earth. That are just floating … not coming from anyone in particular … but can easily be picked up in your consciousness and you may think you are thinking your own thought … but I would like you to question it if it does not feel right.

There will be something within you when you hear these words … or a word that doesn’t feel right … that makes you stop and think.    … Thinking is part of your consciousness and so there is a need to overview what you are thinking and consider and then make a choice to put something into action.

I am merely encouraging everyone to be careful … not that there is anything to be fearful of … but rather the massive … the massive, I can’t even put it in words, because it is massive words. And I laugh because even I was holding back a little in trying to find a word to describe it. Just be aware that there are many thought forms out there in your world – your atmosphere … that can soak into your consciousness. … Be aware … that is all … it is not to be afraid of … but rather just be aware … and make your choices in what feels right. I hope I am making myself understood …

There is a need to find a quiet place from time to time and try to put all thoughts out of your mind … to just stay in the moment and feel the love from the Source of Creation of all … … which is God. The God Source is in you … it over overflows you … be aware … it comes with love and that feeling of love and compassion …   You will feel that inner happiness surround you … and you will know then … what choices to make, if there is a choice to be made at that time … I am suggesting that you connect to this Creation of All … this point … a Divine Energy … that is within you … to ask advice from time to time …

You will be guided.



Source Cosmic Sai Baba, 3 July 2012 (pdf)