The Minds of World Leaders; the Minds of Lightworkers

walkikngMany peoples and world leaders have come together recently to discuss the future of our planet and to place a limit on emissions, and halt global warming before too much damage is done. There will be damage and destruction, for respect is something the human brain finds it hard to express in the human body, and respect for the Earth has been lacking. There is a need for prayer to the Source to influence the minds of the leaders that we take care of the earth, for EVERY LIVING THING (including Mother Earth) is going to get into the 5th and higher dimensions. This is an Edict from God.

The soul knows things that the brain knows nothing of. The human brain is something like a super-computer, it receives downloads of information from parents, school, teachers, peers and the society we are born into. On the other hand, the SOUL knows much more and has access to material that comes from our Self, through feeling, through intuition (inner – tuition) and imagination (the nation of images). There is the physical body, the emotional body and the Light Body. The Source explains how emotions and the memory of these remain with us. The Source also explains how we can magnetically make things better for people with our raised consciousness. So we begin to learn of the effectiveness of the minds of Light Workers.

The Source has told that we are at a deleterious balance at this time due digging holes in the Earth and other forms of damage caused to the Earth in pursuit of progress. The Source has other ways, other means to give us which will do the job better and not damage the Earth. The Source awaits our turning toward its Love, with Love, that we might receive what our planet needs.

We are all subject to the times of challenge. We undergo times of inner confusion, experience breathlessness and the feeling of running out of time. Source has told us that if we but ask, and concentrate on the task at hand, Source will in fact slow down time for us as we work. There are others who feel light-headed, ‘airy’, ungrounded. And at times feels flat, a feeling of ‘flatness’ prevails. This is all part of these times of change, these times of ascension, these times of activation of additional DNA, and times when we reclaim our birthright as citizens of the 4th and 5th Dimensions. We were there before the fall of Atlantis, we are all on a journey of return. This journey includes our planet, Mother Earth, who has to be treated with respect.

While we are doing this work, we sometimes wonder, “where we were coming from?” Meaning, are we in our earth bodies, are we in our light bodies, are we coming from here, are we working from our Oversoul in other universes, are we working in other worlds? Where are we coming from? The Mystery School has an urgent task, to spread information and knowledge about the past of humanity and how we are returning to that past in these present earth bodies. Our earth-bodies of today are recovering psychic skills and abilities that we once had, and humanity has to be reassured: all is well on this journey you consented to come along; when you took birth, you brought the ticket to ride this journey. It was right there – in your hand, in the 5th Dimension – just as you came out of your mother’s womb.

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