Jalarm Speaks – Knowing you have a Soul Blueprint

graduating through changeOn 23 November 2012, the spirit-being known as Jalarm spoke about the changes with the forthcoming solstice of 21 December 2012. The solstice would be the point where others could look back and say, “Yes, the big changes began then”. These changes marked the beginning of the process known as Ascension, the reverting of the human to the state enjoyed before the Fall of Atlantis: living in the 5th dimension, and more. One important element of this is knowing you have a soul blueprint. In this message we look to what has been shared about the Soul Blueprint.

“Many people will still be a little confused about what has happened and what is happening (21 December 2012 – the Solstice or Turning Point) … and there has been talk about Mystery Schools. There are many already set up around this world … but there will be more … there are more that are needed to help people to graduate through the change … the change within themselves …

Changes Ahead:

We may look to see what exactly the changes ahead are for the human, the ones the starpeople call “the little earthling”. Some of these changes include,

  • learning about the Soul Blueprint
  • learning to follow the soul path through life
  • learning that the human has star-people genes and unused DNA within
  • learning to live together and discuss differences and not raise weapons against one another…
  • learning to love every other person, every other species of life on our Earth
  • learning to live in harmony with Mother Earth
  • learning about new psychic skills
  • and many more new ways of living, earning our daily keep and living together – in harmony – in the 5th Dimension

One of the greater mysteries we are living with in these times of change is that children in elementary or primary schools today will leave school and go to work at tasks yet unknown to businesses and ways of commerce in this day. We truly live at the precipice of immense changes on Earth.


The little earthlings of today live, eat, sleep and recreate following patterns of the past. They are also following the patterns of the soul, yet many are out of touch with the Soul Consciousness itself in making their daily decisions, choosing a career, finding the right life-mate and following the path of their lives. There is much that the soul consciousness can offer in terms of guidance which leads to satisfaction and peace. The spirit-being Jalarm (who is one of the highest Cosmic Beings) went on to say…

“We would like them to know about the SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS and how to connect with that resonance so that they can communicate and know what their blueprint is. Many people now have a need to learn, understand, know who they really are and the influences from the Cosmos. Much is happening these days in the weather, in society, in the people themselves – many are changing – many are feeling the change – many are wondering what to do and I would encourage everybody to connect to the little voice within.

So with that journey, it is planned to a degree and when you sit and feel you need to make a decision about something – and it feels right – I can assure you it will be coming from inspiration from your soul – from your soul-blueprint! And the journey that you want to make and need to make upon this Earth.

It doesn’t always make sense – but if you take that step – you will find things will fall into place, unexpectedly and you will feel joyful about it. Because you know then you have the answers within you – inside of you. You do not have to seek any suggestions from anywhere else – However sometimes spirit does prompt other people to say something – so be aware and listen – and if it doesn’t feel right then just quietly put it aside.

You will know – you will begin to know and understand when spirit is working with you and through you – you will feel happy and joyful – even though those particular issues that you may be working upon maybe difficult – you will still feel that inner happiness and contentment within you, because you are not fighting within yourself – with another self that is there also.



This little method has been used for millennia – and is at the heart of the teachings of many saints in the different religions. It is also in the heart of the teachings of those who are leading the change on Earth today. It is a technique known and used in many mystery schools.

The Heart Bypass

One of the problems with decision making at large on our planet is that much action is founded on decisions that bypass the heart. The heart, where the Soul Blueprint is, is not consulted in policy-making, in spending our money, in creating past-times, in decisions for our families, our friends, our society and culture. The bypass of the heart has humans behaving inhumanly towards one another. Humans have lost the art of human-kindness in this day and age when industries and factories close down and entire towns, hundreds of families have nothing to look forward to. There is a bypass of the heart when other people are hurting, and that is because we are hurting, ourselves, inwardly, and need to first heal our own hurts so we can see where others have hurts.

So why not change your ways – change your thinking… Think positively all this time and make decisions that if you sit quietly and that if you have an agenda to think about – think about taking a decision in one direction and how that feels for you … then come back in meditation, in your mind and think about taking a decision in another direction and see how that feels for you. It will make it easier for you to decide which direction – which decision that you make – makes you feel happy, or feel right about that decision.

I am asking you to focus on your heart, when you do this because it is not a decision that is made in your head – in some ways you may feel you have to make a decision that doesn’t make sense, or that it doesn’t fit with what you are asking – but be bold … … and make the decision in the one that feels right in your heart.

mirror blueprint

We can mirror the soul blueprint in our lives by going within to the heart and testing our choices with our feelings