The Leonines Speak of Healing

Disclosure of the star peoples (sometimes called aliens) and their starships (sometimes called UFO) is coming. Around Earth, many mystery schools indicate disclosure occurring sooner than expected, and contact-confirmation-conversation will occur away from the dominant, controlling political spheres.

In this series of articles, we look to information gleaned from Murry Hope’s book The Lion People and seek to refine, expand or develop the material further with recent material which gives similar overview in the disclosure context. In this article we look to information given about the nature of healing, why healing happens or sometimes, does not happen. Matters have to do with the frequency of the host, or the host planet…


Human Life – A Recap

Human evolution is not so much a physical process but rather a mind/spirit process of expanding and deepening conscious awareness. As humans, we create our own reality by the way we think, so learning to think in a positive rather than a negative way is the key to ascension/evolution.

As we create the world we live in by what we think, say and do, we also create our inner world, with the positives and negatives that we choose. The unconscious mind has a lot to do with this, and the noted Swiss depth psychologist, Carl G. Jung, man is mysterium coniunctionis a union of contrasting opposites. While healing may be offered on the surface level, the unconscious may reject this healing.

Taking up the Leonine and Ishnaan terms of reference, human life is a ‘inner time zone’ event, a descent into dense physical frequency. Frequency is an important word, for this is what admits suffering and disease: the lower the frequency into physicality and density, the more conditions exist within/without for disease and suffering. Many come from other time zones to learn suffering, for a variety of reasons.

Many who are from time-zones far ahead of yours in Inner Time have also come to learn about suffering in order to understand the application and reception of healing. You may find it difficult to conceive of how anyone could actually wish to suffer. In Outer Time a lifetime of suffering is less than a microsecond and simply adds to the depth of vision of an evolving being. Sometimes there are those who will take on a difficult body, not because of what their other fragments have done in different time-zones, but to help those who will be responsible for caring for them to develop the love, dedication and understanding that will be necessary.

The Paschats point out that many felines are great healers, especially for the human mind. However, not all cats are cosmically mature! Be careful!

The Healing Connection

Healers are genuine instruments through whom healing flows. Healers can operate on different wavelengths. Some are kinesiologists, some are reiki healers, some homoeopaths, some faith healers. Colour healing works on a similar principle, energy is transmitted. The body takes up or rejects the energy offered. Miracle cures happen but they are usually temporary unless the conditions for the illness, the purpose of the illness is understood.

When healing is rejected the person who has the condition holds the balance, the cure, the key to the cure. This is due the reception/rejection by the unconscious. When suffering is taken on voluntarily, cure and healing may be frequently refused. The healer transmits the energy; then there is the will of the patient!

Another situation is ‘leaving the body’, graceful or ungraceful (ugly, painful suffering, comatose) departures from this world. The medical profession as currently instituted, works to preserve life whatever the conditions, whatever the cost. Medical fraternity may actually fight a spirit leaving a body and attempt to keep conditions for life present. There is much that is misunderstood about death, and much discomfort. People have feelings, get upset, love the one departing.

In future, the time will come when there will be natural exits by will alone rather than ugly departures filled with agony, suffering, disease.

To understand matters simply, all life at a remove (density) from the Centre Point is life with imbalance. There are few lives in density beyond holographic impressions that are free from imbalances. Disease arises from mistreatment of the body, lack of hygiene, failure to understand bodily functions, incorrect eating habits, too much or too little fluids, too much of proteins, alcohol, or drugs. Energies misused, misplaced, have to be returned to their proper frequency.

Most allopathic practitioners are correct: illness is brought on by worry, fatigue, and lack of proper rest and recreation. Recreation is re-creation, taking time to recreate our body’s proper frequencies.

There is also the matter of illness brought over from past lives, something that happens more frequently than is supposed, for many in dense inner time have the veil of forgetfulness and so disregard anything from the past lives. Time healing takes one back to the past time zone, faces the problem and leave it there. We do not come back to the present with the past. A great teacher of humanity often told, “Past is past, leave it in the past!”

The now, the open moment. In Paschaat and Ishnaan environments, the frequencies for life to flourish does not admit the presence nor the conditions for disease – such as cancer – to exist, let alone come about. The work of the present day is to raise the frequency of the present life in density to one where diseases cannot be tolerated nor exist.

Essence fragments seek to return to their point of origin. The Centre Point. It is our nature to keep pushing until we reach Centre Point.

In summary:

  • Healers convey energy
  • patients are either ready or not
  • if the subconscious rejects energy, nothing will happen
  • Some, such as Jesus, came from future time, forgave sins and healing occurred.
  • In such instances, the unconscious hears the message and lets go of the need for suffering
  • there is much discomfort around people leaving their bodies in accord with Cosmic Law
  • a person – or planet (hence many peoples, the chain reaction point) – can raise their frequency to a point where “disease cannot exist”
  • most life (in density) has imbalances against which we push on the journey home to Centre Point
  • hence, we come to view, to suffer, to learn, to teach, to take the message to others at home in future time…