The Leonines and Earth: Essence-fragments

Disclosure of the star peoples (sometimes called aliens) and their starships (sometimes called UFO) is coming. Around Earth, many mystery schools indicate disclosure occurring sooner than expected, and contact-confirmation-conversation will occur away from the dominant, controlling political spheres.

In this series of articles, we look to information gleaned from Murry Hope’s book The Lion People and seek to refine, expand or develop the material further with recent material which gives similar overview in the disclosure context. In this article we look to information given about the nature of being a denizen of the Earth and the different beliefs that are held.


Earth – A Recap

The Angelic Realms have revealed many times that Earth was originally called E-din – this is a sound, a vibration that carries energy, an essence meaning “a beautiful place, gardens of peace“. We do not know how the Biblical authors came across “Eden”, for truly, this must have been divinely revealed.

It is known that the Earth was created – along with our solar system – in what the Angelic Realms repeatedly tell is a “dark corner of our galaxy”. It was originally in the 4th and 5th dimensions, and for some who came in holographic bodies, it was in the 6th and 7th dimensions.

There have been at least two genesis events on Earth – the first resulting in a reptoid human species, the second resulting in a primate human species.

On other planets throughout the universe, humans have been developed from many different animal forms including mammals, insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians etc. Many of these are more spiritually advanced than are the mammalian human species of Earth.

While the Earth is our home, and it gives, nurtures and feeds all who reside upon her, it must follow dharma; that is, the eternal order of the Universe. From time to time, the Earth partakes in dharmasamstaphana, the restoration of right order on her surface, in her oceans, in her atmosphere, in her magnetic dimensions and rays.

The Earth seeks to nurture all who come to her and reside on her surface. When and where the environment has become intolerable to support life, the Earth does take action.

The Leonine Perception

At present, our Earth resembles a dysfunctional place, inhabited by a dysfunctional, aggressive family group. This group is hostile, rejects offers of help and often turns on the “helper”.

Like a pig in its pen, many humans prefer to live in squalor, particularly in their untidy minds. The Leonine visitors see it is time for the human to face challenges of the unknown, time to test their skills and mature and enter the “unknown” dimensions of human life. Like all adolescents, it is time to leave home, strike out and form new relationships and live in new abodes, away from dependence on parents.

The Paschats and Ishnaans had darkness and light in balance; there was no fear of the dark. Inner time was ‘known’ (as best that can be described), and these principles of inner and outer time served nations and races. A cosmic maturity was achieved sans fear and insecurity. There was no aggression in facing unknowns (think of all the sci-fi movies that promote terror and destruction with invasion of aliens and UFO’s)… this is offered as evidence of a cosmic maturity, a clear realisation of your own individual essence, the spark and the flame … linking the spark of divinity within to the flame of divinity, the light of the Sun leading back to a core of suns to the grand Cosmic Sun … removes fear and insecurity.

It is offered that the teachers of Paschat and Ishnaan children experience the comings and goings, the ups and downs, the tears and joys of the students they teach. The individual development of those whom the Paschats teach is both important and fully experienced by the teachers.

The closer one approaches the “centre” (the centre representing divinity-in-itself without myth, without philosophy, without superstition) the more one is able to Love on the periphery of outer time. The closer one is to the ‘centre’ the more one is loved; this is felt and experienced.

Some have systems and names for the ‘centre’; the Sacred Seven, Council of the Nine, Holy Trinity, the 24 elders, the Great White Brotherhood. All this depends on where you are viewing the ‘centre’ from; it is the centre without name, form, change. There is no numerical limit, the Universe is Infinite. All life evolves to the ‘centre’ … rocks, plants, hominoids, Paschats, Ishnaans, humans.

Paschats and Ishnaans (crystal people) take human form from time to time. Each (spark) (essence-fragment) that takes birth here on Earth has a concept of the centre within. When they are born here, they bring their memories and philosophy of their past experience of the ‘centre’ with them. Unfortunately, when this is taught or given out, they end up murdered for their efforts. (This is the Paschat/Ishnaan point of view. )

There is a 9 principle system, there is a 3 principle solar system. Each of these planets in your solar system has its own concept of ‘centre’, its own name for ‘centre’.

“4” is a good number for earth-born hominoid essence fragments. There is a four-fold nature, and four elements that have to be understood and controlled. Intellect, creativity, practicality and emotions need harnessing and balancing over time zones. So the 4 elements and 4 principles have to be understood and controlled over time zones. It is not the hallmark of wisdom to be proficient in one element only.

To ill-feed, neglect and inadequately clothe the body does not lead to homoeostasis nor optimum functioning as an essence-fragment. Clean food and water, warm clothing, a well fed body kept fit avoids extremes of any kind.

The Paschats look to Italy and Roman Catholicism and note the religion has no place for the Mother; just trinity. In Orion, it is a different story, and it is easily understood why. Neither system is correct but each creates an ethical code AND enables an essence-fragment to assume individual responsibility for their actions. The existence of a centre-point is conceded in each system.

Many who communicate from the future know little more than those in the present; they are not gods and cannot change the future nor the past. It is just that their vistas are broader.


  imago: the peoples of Earth are essence fragments …