Archangel Mikael with Archangel Maria, 2011

The Cosmic Sai Baba – Transcript 01.02.2011

in Moss Vale, Australia

We called upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make His presence among us. He said to me telepathically – that there was another here who would like to speak to us.

Because the times are very difficult at this time, quite challenging – so He wants Archangel Mikael to make His presence. He would like everyone to be aware that he is overseeing what is taking place upon this Earth at this time. He is hoping that the recording will actually go onto the website, along with the transmission.


I usually stand up when Archangel Mikael visits, so please don’t be startled when he begins, because he usually comes through very loudly. It could shake you up a bit – so be aware.

The Archangel Mikael

“I am Mikael … and I want ALL to know upon this Earth, that the Angels – my Legion, are overseeing what is happening upon this Earth at this time. Be not afraid … … for the Universal Love is with you … … “

and upon you.

This is My Message … …”

(Valerie) … … There is another to speak … …

The Archangel Maria

“I am the Archangel Maria … and I come to give blessings, I also come from the Angelic Realms … … and I also want you to know that the Mother energy from God is coming onto this Earth, at this time in particular – to nurse, to nourish, to care for … … all those who are suffering at this time… … my legion of angels will be with you always, and will take care of you … …


Be blessed and happy and know that you are cared for … …

Always … …

Always … …


Cosmic Sai Baba is saying that He doesn’t feel it is necessary to say anything more … and so ended by saying “I, God, Bless you.”

You may listen to Archangel Mikael and Archangel Maria speaking in this session:

(This is an mp3 file, 4mb, playing time 7:28)


From Valerie is to say the energy coming into her body was so powerful it took quite a while for her to stop shaking

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