The Holograms of the Star People

Many people report encounters with Starpeople – or what others would call ET’s … that is, Extra-Terrestrials. Others, bound with fear, use the world alien. We leave the fear to those others. We do not have fear, and we have not experienced any fear. Valerie so often tells that there is love, we are reminded of Oneness, we are reminded that all – the earthling and the Star People share the same spark of life. In this article, share some of the known holograms of the Starpeople.


Star People Presences

In the work of the mystery School we have come to learn of the Star People. It is shared in the Mystery School that the star peoples had light bodies when they first came to Earth, for Earth was then in another dimension…

The Starpeople or the Atlanteans did not have Earth bodies they had Light Bodies. This is why we speak of holograms. In the Mystery School it is told that different kinds of starpeople from different places came in their light bodies in hologram form and helped the Earthling and taught them skills. When Atlantis fell, they (the starpeople) all left in their light bodies. There are many mythologies held by different cultures or races around the Earth about starpeople, giants, Nephilim and other names. Easter Island statues are a reminder of one race of star people. Once Atlantis went down it was only the people of Earth that remained. Jalarm the Atlantean continues:

And so, as I have said, it is a little hard just to create numbers because of DNA interaction and many became brothers and sisters to each other. So the indigenous people understood this – they have a strong knowing and understanding of the different visitations that have taken place from the Reptilian Races and also Reptoid, Draco and Bird-like people and cetaceans. They have moved on since for there was an opportunity for SOULS to come into the Human meaning Light Man … so you could say that the starpeople came into the Earth bodies and evolved and helped civilisations to grow and interact and come to know the feeling of family and marriage and brother and sister behaviour. The Indigenous People understood this very well. (

So we are finding there are reptilian races, Reptoids, Draco, Bird like peoples such as the Mako, and fish-like peoples, the cetaceans and the fish-hominoids. Then there are those who emerge from the starships, the space vessels.



The most well known and frequently depicted are those called “the Grays.” They tend to have some common features. Often they are small, thinly built humanoids with a somewhat large head and cranium. They can be anywhere from three to five feet tall. The eyes are large, typically slanted and either almond or tear-drop shape. The eyes are often solid black. The nose is usually just a subtle bump with a couple of small holes for nostrils. The mouth is most often described as a simple slit. (There is no jaw.) Ears, when noticed, are usually small holes or slits. Judy Carroll, in her recent book Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History (see here) speaks of this “appearance” as an outer container or suit that is put on – or worn – by many different races of Star People or Extra Terrestrial. It has a thick exterior skin – often protective in nature – and there is no jaw to masticate food as the star races all derive their energy from sources like the geometric design – the Flower of Life – or energy towers which radiate the energy of the Source of Creation of The All.

The Nords

Nord, arcturian


They were a race that came and they did separate and established civilisations or shall we say various townships in the North – this was all before Atlantis Fell or when the Seas rose or before the Ice Age. The starpeople from the North actually came from Arcturus. Aside from the Nords – there were also the Hathors – that were very similar to the Nordic people. They had similarities – they actually had the base of Arcturians but they were part Earth people as well. And they lived to be able to communicate telepathically – which is why they are drawn on the walls of early Egyptian Temples – with strange looking ears.

The Nords, nordic types, are well known as the tall blonde types from Scandinavia and the North. They are noted to have piercing blue eyes, unblemished skin, they are often reported as handsome and tall. The blondes are from Arcturus, they also had light bodies. The redheads, often warrior Vikings, are from Mars. They came here – in light bodies – when their planet was under threat of nuclear war. They brought their warlike qualities with them. They built their cities, their Atlantis’s, their civilisations.



Much has been written about the Reptilian and Reptoid races who engaged in genetic engineering. They are reptilian humanoids. Reptilians are usually green, brown or greenish-gray in color, but other colors, such as white, have also been reported. Most reported reptilians are male. In a few cases, females have been encountered. As with Grays, however, a difference in gender can often be “sensed” even if external physical differences between males and females are not obvious.

Jalarm: This is going back a long time, of course, and yes – where the humans were first created there were still many of what we call the Reptilian races that existed and the upstanding ape-like creatures who had been anointed with the Christ Light were evolving into the human – they were in danger, and yes – the beings from Sirius came to help them and there was a war between the Reptilians and the Leonines. And also the upstanding Beings that were tall, White and without hair that came from the Sirian Constellation. They were of a more advanced Being and were able to teach and lead the Leonine race. (



Judy Carroll in her latest book, Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History (see here) gives an account of the Insectoids:

The Zetas are a human species that developed or evolved billions of years ago out of various insectoid types, including the ant and mantis species, which is why they look so different compared to the mammalian-based human species of Earth. The Mantis people in particular are very highly evolved human-type beings. There are mammalian/insectoid hybrid groups living in the Zeta system such as the Essassanis, who are of mixed Zeta and Earth-human genetics, whereas the pure-blood Zetas are one of several cultures referred to by Earth-humans as Greys. The Zeta Reticulan Greys are known as Kebbans, who, like the Mantis people, are also a highly evolved, gentle and peace-loving society.

It is reported that Insectoid type Extra Terrestrials (Star people) sometimes wear long capes or hooded “monk’s robes.”



In a recent conversation in the Mystery School, the mystery of the Sphinx was examined. (There is also a Sphinx on Mars. See In this conversation, the following was reported about hybrids:

Additional information given on research into The Great Sphinx

Valerie: “Is it possible that the head we see on the Sphinx at Giza, is not as originally portrayed? Scientists believe it is too small and out of balance to the body of the Sphinx.

The Source: (God) “It was the head of Anubis, My Dear, that is what was suggested to the person who wrote about it – and it is true.”

Valerie: “Well, there is a similar image of the Sphinx on Mars. Is that Leonine or Anubis?

The Source: (God) “The Sphinx on Mars My Dear, is looking like a true Leonine head and all. The body of the Leonine on your planet Earth at Giza was depicted with a head of Anubis – depicting the DNA of man. This is before the evolvement to Human.

It was also connecting to the Reptilian DNA that was part of the creation of early man – through the Dragon/Draco DNA. – there are many, many hybrids.

(For the full transmission of this discussion, See Judy Carroll continues the explanation of the Hybrids on Earth:

Star Children and Hybrids

Valerie has done much research into Star Children, Indigos and Rainbow Children, terms we have been hearing for the last 30 years, if not more. Some are born possessing the full spectrum of light. Some are born with additional strands of DNA activated and so perception and thought are enhanced immeasurably. Star Children are essentially Earth children who have been energetically upgraded with ET genetics and enhanced DNA. Hybrids are essentially ETs who have some Earth human genetic material in their make-up. Since quite a number of the Star Children are being interfered with by the Repterran Controllers, more hybrid children are being introduced on Earth at this time as preparation for eventual disclosure. Having a higher percentage of ET genetics in their make-up, they have more protection on the energy level to block such interference from occurring.

Hybrids and Full Disclosure

Judy Carroll, in her latest book concludes, “The best-case scenario that everybody “up there” is hoping for is that full disclosure of the ET presence will eventually take place on Earth. When this happens, these hybrids, some of whom are living on Earth already, will be the first ones to come forward and declare their presence, helped along by those of us who are Greys and Zetas living down here in fully Earth human containers. Many of us, including some of the hybrids, have been born here, so we understand both the Earth – human and ET perspective, and will be able to assist in bringing both sides together in mutual respect and harmony. We also understand the desperate need for unconditional love and deeper spiritual awareness on Planet Earth, and are ready and willing to share this with our fellow human beings. We try as best we can to “walk our talk” and to set a good example.

Evolution and Light Bodies: The Hologram

The human body at 32 days resembles a dugong ... taken from National Geographic, November 2006, artwork by John Burgoyne

The human body at 32 days resembles a Dugong – taken from National Geographic, November 2006, artwork by John Burgoyne

See of interest:  ‘A Fin is a Limb is a Wing’ article by Carl Zimmer

Jalarm: It is a fact that the Reptoid peoples did a lot of experimenting with genetic engineering and they were for a long time creating many different shapes and forms to try and get a being that would be suitable for them to use virtually as a slave to mine gold.  We have said this before.  And so … they needed somebody … they had a vision in their mind that looked like the Barbarian ape-like creature.  To achieve this they used DNA from themselves and also from other beings that had come to the earth and the interaction of the material needed to have a birth mother and so they chose the Dugong.  

The Reptoids used Dugong DNA to create an up-standing ape-like slave

We keep in mind that at this time, the Earth was in another dimension, and the dinosaurs were cold-blooded creatures. After the great asteroid strike 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs were all wiped out. Earth had evolved to a warmer atmosphere as a result of this asteroid strike, and thus, attempts were made to create warm-blooded creatures. Jalarm the Atlantean takes up the narrative:

Jalarm: Mainly because it was mammalian and they themselves were reptilian–lizard like beings with cold blood and they wanted a warmer blood – really they felt they might be getting closer to an evolved person because they were using some material from a captured Leonine Being from the star worlds during the war that existed, and this upset the Leonine people.  They used some of the genetic material from the dead Leonines and put that together with other genetic material and implanted it in the egg of a Dugong – because that was also mammalian and they knew that would be a good mother – able to breast feed the baby and so the child was born into water.  It is the reason why the human is attracted now to having water birth.

However, the Being when born was very hairy because it had come from Leonine DNA and also (remember this all happened when the Earth was in the 4th dimension – so yes the Dugong was actually ape-man’s mother.  This was the beginning … but the material is also related to the Dolphins which they also wanted to try and capture knowing that they were able to hold LIGHT and a raised consciousness upon this planet.

It all sound rather far fetched I know – but as I have said the Reptoids were very clever in what they could do – and although they were experimenting they didn’t quite understand about connecting to the Source of All Creation.

They understood it to a degree but there was of course an element of the energy of themselves that was not created with permission from the Source of All Creation so they did not have that blessing.  So this is what they were working at and aiming at when the first MAN was created and it goes back a l-o-n-g time.

However, these creatures were what they wanted – they were able to stand up – they had some increase in mental capacity and they were able to take orders and they had hands that could take orders and were able to physically mine gold … and this is what they (the Reptilians) wanted.  And so they were used as slaves.  And called upon when needed and at other times the man like creature was left to their own devices.  They were weapon wielding because they had the fighting spirit in them.

The Chinese, the Asiatic Peoples:

The only other question we would like to ask is where did the Asteroid Belt come from in our Solar System?

Jalarm:  Yes, your solar system planet that circumnavigates the Sun and there are a few other circles that are not related to the immediate solar system – however they come and they go – these have been recorded by your astronomers.  At another time there was another planet that existed – and because of wars between the Reptilians and the Leonines which was on going for many, many hundreds of thousands of years – they attacked this planet, or one of them,  which no long exists – they blew it up and it was caught up in the magnetic force of what exists in the pull of all the planets to your Sun and it is still there.  So it was once a planet – but now it looks like asteroids – does that make some sense?  It also had life form upon it.  Which eventually moved to your planet Earth.

This was where the Chinese Light Beings lived before they came to your planet Earth!  Before it was deleted.



The Earth was in another dimension … all bodies were then holograms, light bodies.


Valerie Barrow comments:

Also I have always been prompted to refer to the Man on earth as being an ‘ape-like creature’  not an ape creature. The reason being is that the hair – and mammalian genes came from the Leonines via The asteroid Uluru … in the first place.

The line of what became apes are genetically engineered (experimentally) to become apes and that evolvement went on a different path of the human evolvement. (I think the geneticists were not happy – they wanted someone who they could mind control.)

Some scientists deny our connection to the APES – and this would be why – strictly speaking as I have been advised there are similarities but both species have evolved (in different pathways) from hair of the Leonines. I suppose when prompting me from ‘upstairs’ they could hardly talk about the Leonines as being believable because until now, scientists don’t believe we have star people’s genes.