Earth Honouring: The Mother’s Story

motherHave you heard the story being told?
How a young mother enclosed
The Divine within Her womb?
She gave birth to the light.
The light that lights up the world!
Since time before time
This sacred story has been told.
How upon this star-told arrival
The earth breathed a sigh of relief.
How this gushing brought forth
The medicine of forgiveness
In a time when the burdens
Were too great to lay down on our own.
A day not unlike today.
The light that lights up the world!

There is another story being told.
It is our own. How we too
Can allow She who gave birth to light
To scoop us up in Her loving arms
And rock us there with Her child of light.
All we need is to invite and allow,
And we will find their love is
Already reaching for us.