Ascension, the Sphinx and Pyramids: the world of Light

Sphinx and Giza PyramidsThe Mystery School has joined together to explore the past – in particular, the Sphinx and Pyramids. There is much background material brought forward to integrate with the history and unfolding given by Jalarm, for the multiple dimensions we have learned of are all connected to this experience called Ascension. We reflect on the latest messages from the Spirit Being – one of the Hierarchy – known as Jalarm.

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Sai Baba at Kodaikanal, May 2014

Many around the world have been stunned by news of Sai Baba appearing in Kodaikanal in a “light” body during 12 – 21 May 2014. Talks given by Sai Baba and accounts of this visit have been distributed.

On this day of 27 June 2014, Cosmic Sai Baba has confirmed to Valerie Barrow and her husband John, that he did in fact appear in his “light” body at Kodaikanal in 2014, and will be making many more appearances.

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Junk DNA and the 4th and 5th Dimensions

goldenThose that we call “starpeople” are actually light beings existing in other dimensions. They existed in the higher dimensions we had here on Earth. With the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth peoples fell out of the 4th and 5th Dimensions. The light beings and star peoples from different races in the Universe embedded higher vibrations and light in their children by Earth peoples. This gave rise to so-called junk DNA which has come back into its own, due the return of Earth to the 4th and 5th Dimensions.

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