The Annunaki and the Evolution of the Divine Light within

Galaxy50,000 starpeople came on a mission to bring the Light of the Source of All Creation to this, our corner of the galaxy. Very few survived the catastrophe to form an establishment on the Earth. The light was needed for the Earth was shaded with darkness due the activities of the Annunaki, a race insufficiently evolved to be beings infused with the light of the Source of All Creation.

The up-standing hairy-ape creature – among other genetic experiments – were created and developed into a cave-man like race of beings that followed orders and worked as gold miners for the Annunaki. The Annunaki wanted to have unlimited potentialities but were insufficiently evolved as a race to connect with the Source of All Creation; they offered their creations (as sacrifices) in order to receive higher essences. There was flouting of the order of Hierarchy – from the Angelic Realms.

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Lemuria, Middle Earth and the Future

Inner EarthThe up-standing hairy-ape creature shares its DNA with plant, insect, animal and mineral kingdoms; they were enchristed and had to learn about not eating their own dead. The starpeople taught them burial ceremonies so that their dead might return to the World of Light.

The up-standing hairy-ape creature evolved to the Australian Aboriginals, and was taught astronomy and in the time of ancient Lemuria, and they circumnavigated the Earth. This is in their dreaming stories. The Oracle reveals that there are civilisations in astral form living within the Earth; the Hall of Records is there. The future of the Earth may be known via memories or remote viewing: it is more important for humans to create a future together for the good of the all, as this is part of their collective evolution and their raising of consciousness and evolving to the 4th and 5th Dimensions.

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The Universal Laws and Sacred Geometry

Crop Circle AustraliaStarpeople came and went from the Earth continually; they used different ways and means of travelling to and from here. Digital cameras have captured some images of starships. The tall white Arcturians were here, with their white hair and blue eyes. They created knowledge and opportunities to work with and for Mother Earth. Other starpeople were here, they broke the Universal laws with the creatures they made (who still exist in other dimensions), and allowed their self interest toward power and force prevail. These caused wars, and the Fall of Atlantis.

Many of the cities and townships in the time of Atlantis were created by the starpeoples themselves; they were created along lines of sacred geometry – and the sacred geometry contributed towards the functioning of the cities themselves. The starpeople were of different races, and so had different diets; some were nourished by heavy foods, some were nourished by lighter foods, and some simply lived on the love and light of the Source of All. The starpeoples had natural ceremonies giving thanks to the Source of All, and the light beings from Sirius, after genetic engineering had taken place, taught the up-standing apes to practice burial ceremonies.

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Pre-Atlantis wars and how the early humans learned astronomy

Plato's legend of AtlantisThere are many who refer to a race as “Arcturian”; in fact there are different races that have come here from the star Arcturus. Edgar Cayce did describe one of these races accurately. In pre-Atlantean times, there were conflicts, and there were wars on the Earth. The Leonines (from Sirius) who were helped by yet another race from the constellation called Sirius, engaged in a brief war with the Reptilian races.

The starpeople from the Pleiades helped the humans learn many things; they drew (carved, or embedded using laser technology) star maps on rocks at Kariong and taught the evolving humans astronomy. They also taught them how to make fire, how to cook, and so forth. Yalarm tells there were many cities and civilisations started by different groups of starpeople on the Earth. The Atlantis that Plato wrote about is under the waters we now call the Mediterranean Sea. It was a larger evolution than many of the other places called Atlantis.

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The Many Civilisations on Earth in Atlantean Times

Wanjina, recorded by Australian AboriginalsYalarm explains that there were many races on the Earth; some came and visited, some came on the mission of the Mothership Rexegena (those on the Rexegena were from many galaxies and universes) and some were already on Earth, the reptilians, reptoids, annunaki, etc. Many built civilisations, even civilisations based on love and the human values. Due the Fall of Atlantis, much was lost, and scientists still bump up against the “missing link”. Artefacts and scientific instruments are found that could not have been created by cave-dwellers.

Yalarm continues and explains that soul memory exists in all; it is at the same time an individual soul-memory and a collective soul memory; the indigenous peoples of Australia – and many other nations – have memories of the starpeople being here. Kariong – the place where the starship fell from the Mothership Rexegena – holds memories known by many, in their soul histories. Lion Island is another place of memories. Yalarm also explains a little about the nature of the Angelic Realms and the Angels.

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Pre Fall of Atlantis: Starpeople visiting and Advanced Knowledge

Lion Island near KariongYalarm tells of the history of Earth and how the Humans were genetically engineered. Before the Fall of Atlantis, there were many races of starpeople coming and going on Earth. Electricity was generated and distributed through grids under the Earth. The grids surrounding the Earth closed up somewhat to prevent the catastrophic energy from going out and affecting other planetary systems and galaxies. This is now loosened to admit the energy from the Source of All; it will raise all life forms on Earth and bring the Golden Age.

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Junk DNA and the 4th and 5th Dimensions

goldenThose that we call “starpeople” are actually light beings existing in other dimensions. They existed in the higher dimensions we had here on Earth. With the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth peoples fell out of the 4th and 5th Dimensions. The light beings and star peoples from different races in the Universe embedded higher vibrations and light in their children by Earth peoples. This gave rise to so-called junk DNA which has come back into its own, due the return of Earth to the 4th and 5th Dimensions.

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Pre-Atlantis inhabitants on Earth and the 5th Dimension

UnderwaterYalarm (who has come to talk about matters on Earth in Atlantean times) indicates that he once had an (incarnation) on one of the stars in Sirius. Yalarm tells that there are many different races on the stars and planets in this constellation. Light beings can also change their colour. Light is colour, colour is vibration, and light beings may vary their light and vibration; there is a sound which goes with that as well. Time is different in the other dimensions, compared to time as measured by scientists on Earth.

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From Venus came many Star Peoples

Venus in UltravioletThe Spirit Being Yalarm and the Oracle continue to provide information about life before the Fall of Atlantis. The Star Peoples from Venus were here, and among them, were Star Peoples from many worlds and even worlds outside of our galaxy. Earth was a veritable United Nations of Star Peoples (or light beings). Yalarm and The Oracle explain some history of our solar system and the astronomy before the Fall of Atlantis. The photograph is Venus in the Ultraviolet, looking from below the South Pole of Venus.

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Life before the Fall of Atlantis

The table with the Oracle of JalarmThere was life on Earth before the fall of Atlantis. Information about this is in the soul histories of many people, and it may also be accessed in the etheric records surrounding this planet. Atlantis fell in a day and a night, 10,500 years ago by our current reckoning of time. (Time on Earth has been reckoned differently in different ages, for there were additional dimensions here on earth. Carbon dating cannot accurately give dates to the 4th dimension and its constructs.)

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