The Burden of a Soul

We have been told – from the Angelic Realms, a place of no limit – that the soul somewhat resembles a Christmas ball. It is self-effulgent, and a spark of the Creative Source of the All. Our true nature is pure light. We were asked “Can a soul be destroyed?”. We took the question to the Source of the Creation of All, and received information which illumated different activities of the soul.


A soul goes through various stages of development. In between lives, it returns to its Oversoul, that which is always in contact with the Source of the Creation of All. The soul is a being of light, and has the light of the Source of Creation of the ALL within.

All souls are on a journey of one or another kind. There are new souls, there are young souls, there are very old souls. The body-mind-spirit complex undergoes development through the contract undertaken by the soul before birth.

There is a weight and measure of tasks undertaken, events confronted, and relationships entered into. Each of these has a weight and measure aspect. Sometimes, souls can be transmuted and return to the light if the burden confronted is too heavy. There is an energy balance that is left off, a karmic aspect left behind, which will be taken up the next time the soul returns.

The body does not have to become dust and ashes. Most often, a soul exchange is arranged, where one soul departs, and another enters. This is always done in collaboration and with the approval of the Karmic Board, a board in the Angelic Realms (a place of no limit) which oversights the coming and going of souls, and especially, the soul exchanges.

So the soul that finds the earthly burden too hard to take may return to its oversoul and prepare for another time, another place, to return and take up the karmic load once again, perhaps with more strengths, more native skills, more capacity to confront the load, the task.

There are situations confronting a soul that has never been on Earth before. The master tape – so to speak in metaphor – is downloaded into the soul, and the new soul needs time to adjust to the life on Earth. Life on Earth is a marvellous thing, for the new soul comes with love and blesses the family. The new soul is a loving being on all levels and it can accept love, understand love and learn to give love. Once the new soul accepts and knows what love is, it can go back to is own planet and then give love to the life forms there. We are all Messengers of Love, we are here to help one another.

There can be dangers for a soul. Sometimes mischievous entities can jump into a body and cause havoc for the young soul. There are other beings trapped on the lower 4th dimension, the place of the dark astral entities, which can take over vulnerable souls.

Souls become vulnerable when they are overtaken by alcohol, drugs, or become very ill. When souls are very ill, they are not very strong at all. They need spiritual support to help them feel safe, and less vulnerable. All vulnerable souls need spiritual support, light and love, and positive thoughts.

When souls are moving between worlds, it is like changing channels on Netflix, on the Cable TV, on the news-feeds. Souls moving back to the world of light, they can be overpowered by the dominant thought form or feeling that characterised the light, and they go to the place of their belief. This is where prayer and positive thoughts, and calling on the Angels for help for the newly departed is important.

“Hell” is a place of one’s own making and one can get out of “Hell” simply by changing channel. And the Angels are ready to help, but they must be called upon to come and go to help the soul, talk to them, help them to progress further into the light.

Thereafer, the soul can choose to come back, and to Earth themselves, to grow into the new body, to grow into the new family, to know the love of family, the spiritual love thta binds and they can never be lost. Angels also come to aid newly-born souls to earth themselves into the body. We can call on the angels at any time for help. The important thing to remember is HELP IS ALWAYS GIVEN.



Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Troubles and Turmoil Are Temporary

Today there is pollution in everything such as the air we breathe, the water We drink, the sounds that are jarring to the ears, and the food we consume. Because of this all-around pollution, man’s health is affected. Apart from this, man’s mind is also polluted, making him susceptible to diseases.

Man should make an earnest endeavour to lead a serene and pure life. He should realise the truth that troubles and turmoil are temporary, like passing clouds. There is no scope for agitations to arise if one realises this truth.

One who realises this truth will not allow his mind to be swayed by the passions of anger, cruelty, etc. Passions yield only temporary satisfaction, but cause serious emotional disturbances. Hence it is imperative on the part of man not to yield to any unbecoming passions while taking food. The observance of the three Ps, namely, purity, patience, and perseverance, vouchsafes permanent happiness and good health free from diseases.

Lack of Contentment is the Cause of Worry

It is not only unbridled passion that damages the health of man. Living on ill-gotten money also causes ill health to some extent. Living on earnings obtained by unjust means causes many unknown diseases to take toot in us. It is said:

As is the food, so is the mind;
As is the mind, so are the thoughts,-
As are the thoughts, so is the conduct;
As is the conduct, so is the health.

Man today is a victim of worry. What is the cause of this worry? Lack of contentment is the cause. The rich man is not contented in spite of the accumulation of Wealth. Worry causes hurry, and both together bring about ill health. So, worry, hurry, and curry (fatty foods) are the root causes of cardiac ailments.